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Attack on Titan - Lance Corporal Rivaille x Reader Pt 2


Levi took a second before turning back to you, "What is it?"

What is it? Well there were a lot of questions in mind at the moment. You examined your surrounding only to see an open field full of green grass, a few trees scattered here and there. Were you guys still on the expedition?

Question was how did you end up here? Last you remembered you were almost a Titan's dinner before Levi rescued you - did you pass out? You noticed not a single Titan in sight, nor were the other Scouting Legion members around. Where was everyone? You patted your sides before realizing that none of your 3D Manuever gear was to be found, and it seemed like Levi didn't have his either. Just what were you two doing here all alone?

And didn't you get hurt? Your hands flew to your stomach, but no pain was felt. This wasn't right, you were sent flying when your gas ran out, you remembered having cuts and bruises everywhere and now they were gone.

Am I dead? You thought, horrified. Before letting the actual thought get to you, you turned to your superior before asking, "Captain Levi, where are we?"

He ignored your question before standing up and walking up to you. He was about the same height as you and you - and maybe everyone else - would have found it completely adorable had he not been so intimidating.

To your surprise, he lifted his hand up to your cheek, lightly coressing it and leaning his head closer to yours.

You felt your face heat up and you almost backed away but for some reason couldn't. Why?

You didn't want this!

..Did you?

The question horrified you. Liking your superior was absurd! It simply couldn't happen, you two work together and on top of that, he was someone who looked down on you in the ranking capartment.

He would never take in interest in you!

But this told you otherwise.

And no matter how much you tried to deny it, you did have a few feelings for the man deep down inside. You always admired his strength and even though he had a cold feel to him, he was actually considerate of his friends and comrads.

Levi leaned his lips close to yours. You closed your eyes, wanting this. Wanting to feel his lips against yours.

"Wake up..." He whispered, feeling his hot breath against your lips.

Your (e/c) eyes fluttered open to meet his dark ones, "Wha-... What?"

"Wake up. Now."


Your eyes shot open only to be blinded by an awfully bright light. Groaning, your hands shot up to your eyes, rubbing them to smooth out the pain. You let your eyes adjust to the light, only to see you were in a room - an emergency room to be exact.

"Was that all... a dream?" You mumbled to yourself, blushing as you remembered the way your superior coressed your cheek.

You tried to sit up on the rather uncomfortable bed you were on only to have pain surge through your body. Ah, so the cuts, bruises and probably even the broken bones weren't gone.

Letting out a painful breath, you quickly laid back down in hope the pain would go away, and it did just ever so slightly.

"(Name)?" You heard a familiar voice call from the door. Gently, you turned towards it only to find Levi and Hanji by the door. You felt your face heat up at the sight of him, but you tried hard to not think about it.

"You're awake? How do you feel?" Levi asked in his usual emmotionless voice as the two made their way inside, taking a seat beside your bed.

"Ah, still in a lotta pain.." You say, letting out a light chuckle.

"No surprise!" Hanji exclaimed, "You were an utter mess when Levi brought you back to us! Everyone was awfully worried about you! We didn't think you'd wake up."

"Well how long was I out for?"

"Four days." Levi confirmed.

"What?!" You said, wide eyed. Four days? You were out for four days? Taking it in, you wanted to cry. Four days, imagine the amount of people you worried. Letting out a sigh, you asked, "What happened?"

Your Captain closed his eyes as he remembered. "You passed out while I was carrying you back to the wall, luckily no Titans showed up while doing so... We got you to the emergency room as soon as possible. A few broken ribs ,that's all. We were told you shouldn't be going into work for the next few weeks."

You groaned. Weeks? Sure the break from work sounded great but at the same time, you loved seeing everyone on a daily basis. "What a pain..." You mumbled.

Hanji stood up, "At least you get a couple weeks of rest! I'd kill for some time off." She made her way to the door, "But I have to head back now, I'll try to visit you when I'm on a break, okay sweetie? Bye!"

"Bye." You call back before she dissapears. You turn to Levi, wondering about him. "Captain? Shouldn't you be getting back to work as well?"

"I still have a bit of time to spare." He simply said.

"So you're gonna waste it here with me?"

"Don't call it 'wasting' cadet." He says bluntly and you fall silent. Just was does he mean by that?

Does he think this time with you is worthwhile? You feel your face heat up once more at the thought.

Levi cleared his throat, gaining your attention once more before standing up, "Just be more careful next time, cadet. You're one of the last people I need to lose." He stopped at the door as though wanting to say something more. Before you could respond to his silence, he said, "I'll go get you some food. You're probably starving."

And with that, walked out. You wondered just what he meant by that. Were you that important to him?
Ahh, I just saw the 22nd episode of Attack on Titan before writing this and holy shit the amount of feels, i cried like a baby

Anyways, I think i've decided to make multiple parts to the Levi story, just because I love him so much ahh

Anyways, here's the first part :…

And I own nothing!

Enjoy <3


pt 3 here - 
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